Under the Rhododendron

When our first dog, Muldoon, was unwell, we took him to the local vet who diagnosed him with cancer and operated almost immediately. As they took him away for the op, I didn’t realise that I’d never see him again and even now, several years later, there are tears in my eyes as I write this.

You’re much more prepared the second time. When Dapper Dan died recently, it wasn’t such a shock and when we were asked what we wanted to do with his body, we knew that we wanted him buried in the garden that he loved to play in. It would be too difficult to bury such a large dog so we opted for a cremation and decided to bury the ashes instead.

A friend suggested that we use an ashes scattering tube so that, over time, it might bio-degrade which would be more appropriate to leave behind if we moved.

Dapper Dan is now resting in peace under a rhododendron bush in leafy Hertfordshire.

Penny Thatcher.

Penny called to say that she was thrilled with the woodland scatter tube and offered to write this for our blog.

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