Recycled Urns for Cremation Ashes

We were asked about recycled ashes urns and, although we do not buy or sell them, we looked into the subject.

There are many reasons that ashes urns may no longer be in use for the original contents they were purchased to contain. It may be that they were only intended for temporary use or that, sadly, the urn has passed through several caretakers and there is no longer anyone with a strong link to the original occupant. Or maybe, as fashions change over the years, ashes were transferred to a new urn suited to the owner’s preferred style.

Whatever the reasons, there are previously used cremation ashes containers available to buy, either from specialist suppliers and antique shops or direct from owners via classified ads, eBay, flea markets and car boot sales.

There is a wide range of designs and quality available for new urns and ashes containers and theoretically, therefore, the same variety of previously owned urns will be available.

There are many reasons that people choose to buy used urns. They are less expensive, which provides good value if buying a high quality product. It can also be good value at the cheaper end of the market, especially for people who are stretching their income to budget for a nice attractive urn to keep a loved one’s ashes close at a difficult time in their lives. For this reason alone, finding an affordable ashes container needs to be easy so that it does not add to the burden of the sorrow and pain they may be suffering.

Whether it is a life long companion of an older person or a child’s cherished pet hamster, there is often comfort and solace to be found from keeping something more solid than just memories. Having the person’s or pet’s ashes close by can help people through sad times. Sometimes the ashes are a focus for the person left behind to talk to when they are feeling lonely, perhaps reliving old memories or discussing current issues out loud. It always seems to help to be able to do this.

With some new pet cremation urns costing more than a few weeks’ pocket money or a significant portion of a pension income, many people are looking to buy used cremation ashes urns for this purpose.

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Tips for buying pre-owned urns

When buying a used ashes container, remember that there is often no money back guarantee or returns policy therefore there are a few things that you need to look for before you buy.

Obviously, it must be possible to open and close the container to allow the ashes to be inserted. The main check is to ensure that the urn or container is secure – the ashes must be safe from spillage in the event of small accidents or rough handling.

It would also be wise to examine the container for cracks, leaks and weak spots around the inside and outside, whether it is a metal or ceramic urn or a wooden casket.

Although we do not supply used ashes containers, our pet urns start from under £50 and we often have special offers on our website

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