The Cremation Urns Company began life as a carpentry, joinery and construction company, and part of our business was producing fine craftsmen made timber funeral products, this was quite a traditional blend of occupations, as back in the old days the local builder was often the local funeral director, we think it's quite easy to see the comparison.

Dealing as we did with several suppliers and funeral directors, allowed us to closely observe the industry from the inside, giving us a privileged perspective on how the business worked, and the very special qualities needed to operate in a respectful manner within the industry.

Naturally, through the course of daily business, and largely as a result of being on the internet, we were discovered by many other suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world, and they constantly tempted us to start a trading relationship with them.

Initially we resisted, as we were sure this would only complicate our lives, but a chance meeting with a retired colleague with connections convinced us to give it a try. This foray into the world of import and export has changed our business completely, we now work with some supremely talented manufacturers from all over the world, creating new designs and realising some bright ideas, to bring to our customers amazing, beautiful craftsman made cremation urns.

The one thing we were sure about, was that we wanted to maintain the feeling of being a family business, this is so important and allows us to offer a very personal service to all our customers.

We also think it's important to know, that unlike many internet businesses we are not based in a back bedroom with no stock available, but have our own little warehouse and offices and we are at the end of the phone to help with any query you may have Monday to Friday.