All online payments to be made on the Cremation Urns Company website are taken via PayPal.

When your shopping basket is transferred to PayPal you may complete the purchase of your items:

  • by accepted credit or debit cards (you do not need a PayPal account to shop at the Cremation Urns Company)
  • by logging in to a PayPal account
  • by creating a PayPal account

The Cremation Urns Company does not receive or store credit card detail or PayPal Login details of any kind whatsoever. Credit card details are only taken by the PayPal secure server.

The secure buying process

Buying products from our website could not be easier, just browse our site and as you choose things just click on the Add to cart button that appears with every product.  Once you have chosen your items you can access your shopping cart through the Cart button at the top right of your page, then simply fill out the required fields on each page progressing along by clicking the ‘Next’ button until you reach the PayPal payment gateway. You do not need a PayPal account to shop at the Cremation Urns Company and it's still the easiest and safest way to shop online. Just follow the above procedure and when you arrive at the PayPal terminal just follow the link titled Pay with a debit or credit card and this will take you through the process. We do accept cheques, bankers drafts or BACS payments however we will not ship these orders until the payment has cleared in our bank. All Cheque and other non PayPal payments must be made out to Newlight.